Review Policy


I have decided that I am taking an indefinite break from book blogging. I therefore will not be accepting any review requests and Bloomin’ Brilliant Books’ Twitter account and Facebook page have been deactivated.

While I still love books and reading, I don’t currently feel that book blogging is something I want to be a part of. It may be that I change my mind later on, but at the moment this feels permanent.

I do hope that people may still visit the blog if looking for inspiration for their next read as there are some bloomin’ brilliant books featured on here (pardon the pun!). It has been a good (almost) three years with a wide variety of authors and publishers featured.

To all those authors and publishers who have sent me review copies that I have not yet managed to review these will be honoured with reviews on Amazon and Goodread.

A huge thank you to all the authors and publishers that have sent me ARCs over the past few years and have taken part in my features.


Best wishes, 

Abbie xxx