Review – Melody Bittersweet and the Girls Ghostbusting Agency by Kitty French


The Blurb

Life’s tough for Melody Bittersweet.  

She’s single, addicted to sugar and superheroes, her family are officially bonkers, and she sees dead people.  Is it any wonder no-one’s swiping right on Tinder?  

Waking up lonely on her twenty-seventh birthday, Melody finally snaps.  She can’t carry on basing all of her life decisions on the advice of her magic 8 ball; things have got to change.

Fast forward two months, and she’s now the proud proprietor of her very own ghostbusting agency – kind of like in the movies but without the dodgy white jumpsuits.  She’s also flirting with her ex Leo Dark, fraternising with her enemy in alleyways, and she’s somehow ended up with a pug called Lestat.  

Life just went from dull to dynamite and it’s showing no sign of slowing up anytime soon.  Melody’s been hired to clear Scarborough House of it’s incumbent ghosts, there’s the small matter of a murder to solve, and then there’s the two very handsome, totally inappropriate men hoping to distract her from the job…

Welcome to Chapelwick, home of the brand new and hilarious Girl’s Ghostbusting Agency series, where things really do go bump in the night.


My Review

Melody Bittersweet and the Girls Ghostbusting Agency was an absolute delight from the fantastic cover to the end of the book.

Hilariously funny, I read some of this on a train journey and got some funny looks off other passengers when I could not help but giggle out loud. Melody Bittersweet has all of the right ingredients for a great read – fantastic characters, great setting, wicked wit and a mystery. I found the book totally engaging from the very beginning.

Melody is a psychic who is looking to kick-start her life following her twenty-seventh birthday by setting up the Girls Ghostbusting Agency with her best friend, Marina, and Artie, who gets a job with them through unusual circumstances. Love is also something Melody hopes to find, but finding the right man who understands her ‘gift’ is not easy. I adored Melody and she is definitely someone you would want to hang out with. Kitty has done a great job of making Melody, her friends and family easy to relate to (despite psychic powers!) and created down to earth, funny, extremely likeable characters. Lestat, the one-eared pug is brilliant!

The fact that this book also has a mystery that needs to be solved is another great plus. Yes, the book has what you would expect from what I guess is chick lit, but the supernatural element makes it totally unique and more enjoyable in my opinion.

I read this book during a difficult time and it was exactly what I needed to cheer me up and it provided some much needed escapism. You cannot help but get drawn into Melody’s world and I loved reading about the antics she and her friends got up to. If you want a book that takes you away from it all, check this one out. There isn’t anything about this book that I did not like and all there is left to say is “Hurry up with the second Melody book Kitty!”

Thank you to Kitty French, Bookouture and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Published on 14 July 2016 by Bookouture.

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