Review – Matching The Evidence by Graham Smith

Matching The Evidence

The Blurb

Carlisle United are playing Millwall and the Major Crimes Team are assigned to crowd control as punishment for their renegade ways.  Typically, DI Harry Evans has other ideas and tries to thwart the local firm’s plans to teach Millwall’s notorious Bushwackers an unforgettable lesson.

Meanwhile, an undercover cop is travelling North with some of the Millwall contingent.  His mission is to identify the ringleaders and gather evidence against them.

Three illegal immigrants have been transported to Carlisle and are about to meet their new employers. 

Nothing is at seems for Evans and his Major Crimes Team as they battle to avoid a bloodbath whilst also uncovering a far more heinous crime.

My Review

Noelle over at CrimeBookJunkie has raved about Graham Smith’s books so when she offered me the opportunity to read Matching the Evidence for review, how could I resist?

This is the second novella in The Major Crimes Team series, and also follows on directly from Snatched From Home. I haven’t read either, however it works perfectly as a standalone.

Matching the Evidence moves at a fast pace and for a quick read it sure packs a punch! If I’m honest I was expecting the story to take a predictable route, however this is not the case. It totally surprised me as it draws on current issues and all the problems that come with them. Graham is adept at keeping up the momentum and this makes for a thrilling read.

Graham’s characterisation is fantastic. I really liked the character of DI Harry Evans, a maverick cop who is not afraid to take chances, and I warmed to him instantly. He has his issues and there are enough glimpses into his back story to whet your appetite to find out more about him through Graham’s other novels. I also found Tommy and his role intriguing and hope to read more about him in future books.

A cracking quick read which I devoured in no time at all, Matching the Evidence is a great crime book which delivers so much more than it’s size suggests!

Thank you to Graham Smith, Noelle Holten and Caffeine Nights Publishing for the book in exchange for my review.

Published 8th September 2016 by Caffeine Nights Publishing.

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