Review – The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft

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The Blurb

On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava.  Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones.

Times are tough for Ava – she’s struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it’s nearly Christmas.

So when Sam commissions Ava to make a hat for someone special, she makes a promise that will change her life.  She just doesn’t know it yet…

My Thoughts

The Christmas Promise was, I have to say, a delightful surprise. I was expecting a fluffy romance, which don’t get me wrong is fine, however Sue Moorcroft has written a romantic winter tale that incorporates some serious issues which gives it a real depth.

Ava Blissham does not like Christmas and this year the festive period looks as though it is going to be more challenging than ever. Struggling to make a living from her hat-making business and being harassed by her awful ex-boyfriend, Harvey, Ava wishes she could ignore Christmas. However, this may unexpectedly turn out to be the best Christmas ever…

Sue has created a fantastic cast of characters. Ava is extremely likeable and she quickly felt like a friend, Sam is wonderful as the man to restore your faith in men and yet they are not perfect which makes you warm to them even more. The group of family and friends surrounding the main characters are equally enjoyable and add to the whole depth of the story. Along with wonderful descriptions that create the setting, The Christmas Promise quickly becomes a book that you become fully immersed in.

The story is completely absorbing with the main characters having to overcome their own difficulties and the right amount of ‘will they/won’t they’ romance. I got totally wrapped up in the story and had to know what the outcome would be for Ava and Sam.

Through her writing, Sue was able to evoke some strong emotions within me as she touches on subjects which can potentially effect everyone. The way in which she describes the character’s emotions provide moving moments in which I, as the reader, felt every bit of what they were going through.

Despite the serious subjects that make up part of the story line, The Christmas Promise is never maudlin and the touches of humour through characters such as Booby Ruby make this the perfect mix of moving and uplifting.

Hope, love and friendship with a touch of romance set against the backdrop of Christmas make The Christmas Promise a great festive read. Hats off to Sue Moorcroft for writing a wonderful Christmas novel!

Huge thanks to Sue Moorcroft and Helena Sheffield at Avon Books for the advance copy. This is my honest and unbiased review.

Published by Avon books The Christmas Promise is out now on ebook and paperback and you can purchase a copy HERE.

5 thoughts on “Review – The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft

  1. My problem with Christmas books is that fluffy and romantic stories don’t do it for me, I need something more to be satisfied. So I’m happy to hear The Christmas Promise brings more depth to the genre 🙂 I am ready to give Christmas stories another try with this one, great review!

    1. If you do give it a try, Donna, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 There are usually underlying issues in my books, some subject I want to shine a light on.

      Also, I’m not the world’s biggest Christmas fan so I wanted to write a heroine who didn’t really like Christmas. (Having a Christmas book out has made me a lot fonder of the festive season this year!)

    2. Definitely give it a go Donna. I have to confess this is the first year ever I have read Christmas books and I have been pleasantly surprised!

  2. Thank you for such a positive review of ‘The Christmas Promise’! This is exactly the kind of reaction I’d hoped for. I like my books to contain some unexpected themes and to look at issues without losing the ‘readability’ that I love in my own reading diet.

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