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I’m absolutely chuffed to bits to be taking part in The Day That Never Comes blog tour, the latest in The Dublin Trilogy by Caimh McDonnell. I’m able to share my thoughts on the book and excerpt. If you fancy a bit of humour with your crime thriller I can’t recommend this book highly enough!

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The Blurb

Remember those people that destroyed the economy and then cruised off in their yachts? Well guess what – someone is killing them.

Dublin is in the middle of a heatwave and tempers are running high. The Celtic Tiger is well and truly dead, activists have taken over the headquarters of a failed bank, the trial of three unscrupulous property developers teeters on the brink of collapse, and in the midst of all this, along comes a mysterious organisation hell-Benton exacting bloody vengeance in the name of the little guy.

Paul Mulchrone doesn’t care about any of this; he has problems of his own. His newly established detective agency is about to be DOA. One of his partners won’t talk to him for very good reasons and the other has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason at all. Can he hold it together for long enough to figure out what Bunny McGarry’s colourful past has to do with his present absence?

When the law and justice no longer mean the same thing, on which side will you stand?

The Day That Never Comes is the second book in Caimh McDonnell’s Dublin Trilogy, which melds fast-paced action with a distinctly acerbic Irish wit.


Chapter 10

“Have you got any books on how to follow somebody?”
The woman behind the counter pulled a face like Paul had just shat in her hand and asked her to clap. She had a couple of facial piercings, and her dyed red hair looked like three different hairdressers had fought it out to an unhappy stalemate on her head.
“Who wants to know?” she said.
“Ehm, I do,” said Paul. He would have thought that was obvious.
“Did Maureen send you? She accuses me of harassment and then she sends someone to my work? That is fucking typical!”
“No, no I—”
The girl leaned forward on her high stool, and jabbed at the wooden counter-top with her finger.
“You tell Maureen that I’ve as much right to go to an exhibition on the depiction of the female form in African culture as she does. It’s not my fault that her and that… thing, were there.”
“Right. I’ve not been sent by anybody, I promise. I just really need a book on how to follow somebody.”
“Really?” she eyed him suspiciously.
“This is a book shop, isn’t it?”
She looked around, as if confirming that his story was indeed correct. Paul looked around too, just to double-check that he really had walked into a three-storey building filled with books that were available for purchase. The assistant’s level of aggression would have been nearly justifiable if he’d mistakenly gone into a delicatessen. Perhaps she didn’t work there at all. Maybe she’d just wandered in and thought the stool behind the register was a good place to read her graphic novel.
“Is everything OK, Lianne?”
The question had come from a tall, bespectacled man that had been rearranging a stack of Dan Brown books in the large display window with the enthusiasm of a vegetarian working in an abattoir. His facial expression carried clearly legible overtones of ‘what now?’ Lianne waved back nervously. “Yeah, fine, Gerald. I’m just helping this gentleman with something.” She lowered her voice. “C’mon.”
She led Paul around the corner into the children’s section.
“And you’re sure you’re not here about Maureen?”
“I don’t know anything about your ex-girlfriend.”
“Woah, how did you know Maureen was my ex-girlfriend?”
“I’m a private detective,” said Paul, feeling slightly smug about it.
“And you don’t know how to follow somebody?”
“It’s my first day.”

My Thoughts

The Day That Never Comes is the second instalment of Caimh McDonnell’s The Dublin Trilogy and sees the very welcome return of Paul Mulchrone, Brigit Conroy and Bunny McGarry and a fantastic new character in the form of Maggie the German Shepherd. While really looking forward to reading this second book, I did wonder if it could live up to its predecessor A Man With One Of Those Faces. It not only lives up to it, in my opinion, it’s even better! If you haven’t read the first book, The Day That Never Comes does work as a standalone, however you’re missing out if you haven’t read the first.

A businessman is found dead and tortured in Dublin during a time in which the citizens have had enough of austerity measures and the corruption of MP’s and businesses. Amidst this Paul is trying to get the private investigation company he, Brigit and Bunny set up, there is, however, a problem…Brigit has fallen out with him, Bunny is missing and Paul is a hopeless private investigator! What follows is a rip-roaring read that combines gripping thriller with incredible wit.

McDonnell draws you in immediately with a prologue that sets the scene perfectly, leaving you intrigued and just having to read more. His writing is second to none and all of the chapters are perfectly paced with the right hooks at the end of each. There are a few threads and storylines running, however, it is easy to keep track and they all complement each other perfectly.

Full of fantastic characters that, while they have their flaws, are incredibly likeable. You find yourself really rooting for them and get totally involved in their antics. Maggie the dog is brilliant and her antics had me crying with laughter. I felt sad when I had finished the book and had to say goodbye to Paul and the rest of the gang!

There is an additional layer to The Day That Never Comes as it addresses some current and relevant political and societal issues, resulting in a novel that is also thought-provoking. McDonnell makes this subject accessible and interesting via the nature of his humour and writing.

I loved this book! It is rip-roaringly funny and yet at the same time totally gripping. McDonnell’s talent is such that he pulls this combination off flawlessly. I really enjoyed A Man With One Of Those Faces but in my humble opinion The Day That Never Comes is even better. I really can’t wait for the third instalment of The Dublin Trilogy and McDonnell is a force to be reckoned with. Absolutely fantastic!

The Day That Never Comes is published on 23 January 2017 by McFori Ink.
A huge thank you to Caimh McDonnell and Elaine Ofari for the advance copy in exchange for my review and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

You can purchase a copy of The Day That Never Comes  HERE in the UK and HERE in the USA.


If you haven’t read A Man With One Of Those Faces what are you waiting for? A Man With One Of Those Faces is available for 99p/99c from 23 – 30 January!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

About the Author


Caimh McDonnell is an award-winning stand-up comedian, author and writer of televisual treats. Born in Limerick and raised in Dublin, he has taken the hop across the water and now calls Manchester his home.

His writing credits include The Sarah Millican Television Programme, A League Of Their Own, Mock The week and Have I Got News For You. He also works as a children’s TV writer and was BAFTA nominated for the animated series ‘Pet Squad’ which he created. He was also a winner in the BBC’s Northern Laffs sitcom writing competition.

During his time on the British stand-up circuit, Caimh has firmly established himself as the white-haired Irishman whose name nobody can pronounce. He has brought the funny worldwide, doing stand-up tours of the Far East, the Middle East and Near East (Norwich).

Follow Caimh’s witterings on @caimh

Facebook: @CaimhMcD 

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  1. I hate it when Amazon deals don’t include my country! I’ve been dying to read the first installment and now that I know there’s a second book, I just want to dive in and discover those characters! Great review 🙂

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