Book Review – A Wedding In Cornwall by Laura Briggs

A Wedding in Cornwall

The Blurb

It’s the career move of a lifetime, and Julianne can’t believe it’s hers: a position as an event planner at a country house in Cornwall, England, beginning with the wedding of a celebrity!  If her old firm’s senior planner back in the States hadn’t suddenly fallen sick with the chicken pox, Julianne would never have found herself chosen for a life in one of England’s most beautiful coastal counties, surrounded by rugged shores, quaint cottages and a house to die for. 

But life in Cornwall isn’t exactly as Julianne imagined it.  Her first bride-to-be is a resentful, petted snob, the groom is immature and bored, and the Cornish staff of Cliffs House have a difficult time believing that an event planner from a mid-level position can handle a wedding this big.  And then there’s a personal matter – the handsome, sometimes charming, sometimes standoffish gardener Matthew Rose.  He and Julianne have a strangely complicated relationship somewhere between friendship and attraction.  But with a secret in his past, and a scheming bridesmaid plotting to have Matthew all to herself, will Julianne find a way to untangle her feelings and the problems of planning a perfect Cornish wedding?

My Review

A Wedding in Cornwall was the perfect, light-hearted read to pass the time away on a rainy, miserable ‘summer’ day here in the UK.  At 91 pages it is a novella, but as the saying goes good things come in small packages.

Julianne, an events co-ordinator from Seattle, has landed her dream job as events co-ordinator at the grand Cliffs House in Cornwall. Her first job is organising a wedding for an A list celeb couple who don‘t make her first job easy!

I warmed to Julianne immediately and loved her American view of the British upper classes. It made me laugh and smile as her expectations are not always lived up to. I enjoyed reading about her settling into Cornish life, organising her first big event with a less than helpful couple and making friends. As romance blossoms, Julianne discovers you don’t need the quintessential British knight in shining armour to make you happy.

All of the characters are very likeable and despite being a quick a read you become fully immersed in their lives. Laura has managed to pack an engaging story into a few pages.

The descriptions of Cornwall are lovely and credit to Laura for getting the essence of Cornwall across despite never having being there herself. It totally transported me away from the North East and was a delightful escape in the few hours it took me to read it.

A great quick read that is entertaining and charming. If you are after something light and easy to read with a dash of romance to pass a couple of hours, check out A Wedding in Cornwall.

Published 11 August 2016.

Thank you to Laura Briggs for the copy in exchange for my review.

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