Author Influences With Liz Mistry

It’s Wednesday which can mean only one thing … it’s time for this week’s Author Influences. I am delighted to be joined by Liz Mistry for today’s book chat.

Which authors/books did you like to read as a child?
I was a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys fan or if you go earlier than that I loved Mr Pinkwhistle followed by The Famous Five and the Secret Seven. In my teens I loved Agatha Christie and Alastair MacLean.

Were you good at English at school? Did you like it?
Loved it and was good at it. Did Catcher in The Rye for my sixth-year study dissertation (Scottish after Higher qualification). Loved EM Forster and Jane Austen.

What genres do you like to read? Have they had an impact on the genre you write?
I read mainly crime fiction but I read a wide selection of Crime Fiction genres sub genres. I love YA crime and I love futuristic and paranormal crime. My favourite though are noir police procedurals.

If you were to write a different genre what would it be and why?
Eek! Maybe try my hand at futuristic crime…. Maybe not.

Did any author’s work encourage you to pick up your pen and write and if so who, what and why?
Every author I loved over the years contributed to my writing bug. Nowadays Northern noir writers like Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid or US writers like Michael Connolly or Harlen Coben or Canadian Linwood Barclay.

Are there any authors who, as soon as they publish a new book, you have to get it?
Stuart MacBride definitely. Also, JD Robb who writes futuristic police procedurals with a dose of romance. MJ Arlidge too and Val McDermid and James Carol and Graham smith and…. The list is endless. Too many really great books and too few hours.

Which books have you read that have made you think ’Wow, I wish I had written that’ and what was it about the book?
I recently read Mark Billingham’s Love Like Blood and was ‘Wow that is so good’. It wasn’t just the book itself that got me. It was the message from the book about Honour Killings and FGM. A brilliant book full of rage and passion!

Have any of your plots/characters been influenced by real life events/people? (Be careful, I don’t want you getting sued!)
Everything I write is influenced to a greater or lesser extent by people I meet, conversations I over hear and things I’ve done. Hopefully my creative juices make them unique enough to not be obvious.

Massive thanks for taking part, Liz. I have a copy of Love Like Blood and will have to push it up the TBR pile after hearing this.

Liz’s latest book, Untainted Blood, is out now and you can grab a copy HERE.

The Blurb

In a city that is already volatile, tensions mount after a Tory MP in Bradford Central is discredited leaving the door open for the extreme right-wing candidate, Graeme Weston, to stand in the resultant by-election.
However, Graeme Weston is not what he appears to be and with secrets jeopardising his political career, he must tread very carefully.
Meanwhile, a serial killer targets Asian men who lead alternatives lifestyles and delivers his own form of torture.
As DI Gus McGuire’s team close in, the deranged killer begins to unravel and in an unexpected twist the stakes are raised for Gus.
Are the murders linked to the political scandals or is there another motive behind them?
DI Gus McGuire and his team are back and this might be their toughest case yet.

About Liz Mistry

I am an author from Bradford but originally from Scotland. My gritty crime novels draw on the richness of Bradford’s diverse cultures. My writing is influenced by Tartan Noir writers like Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid.
I completed an MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University. My three novels are Unquiet Souls, Uncoiled Lies and Untainted Blood.
Twitter: @LizCrimeWarp
FB : @LizMistrybooks Website:

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