Author Influences with Anita Waller

Psychological thriller writer Anita Waller joins me today to talk about the books and authors that have influenced her life and writing.

Which authors/books did you like to read as a child?
Enid Blyton. I am currently re-reading her ‘Adventure’ series – Sea of Adventure, Circus of Adventure etc. I loved all her books.

Were you good at English at school? Did you like it?
Loved it, and always top marks. It started in my primary school, and continued all my life. I eventually took my A level in English when I was 42!

What genres do you like to read? Have they had an impact on the genre you write?
Psychological thrillers, horror, supernatural. I write psychological thrillers as a rule, but I have written one supernatural, Winterscroft.

If you were to write a different genre what would it be and why?
I don’t think I could because murder would creep into it, whatever it may have started out as!

Did any author’s work encourage you to pick up your pen and write and if so who, what and why?
No, the need to write has been there for always. I clearly remember attempting to write novels when I was only eight years old. I did attempt to write romance, and I actually have six romance novels already written, but I was always looking for a way to bring crime into them, and that’s when I realised I was writing in the wrong genre. Now I am happy!

Are there any authors who, as soon as they publish a new book, you have to get it?
J D Robb, Camilla Lackberg, and, until his death, Henning Mankell. And Stephen King, of course (that goes without saying).

Which books have you read that have made you think ’Wow, I wish I had written that’ and what was it about the book?
The Hidden Island, by Angela Corner. The descriptive passages are superb, and the location sounds awesome. I loved this book. The plotline, although brilliant, was almost secondary to the quality of the writing, and as I finished it I immediately thought, I wish I had written that.

Have any of your plots/characters been influenced by real life events/people? (Be careful, I don’t want you getting sued!)
My current WIP is based on a true-life story told to me. I am changing things to protect the innocents (me) but it’s a fantastic storyline.

A huge thank you Anita for taking part. 

Anita’s latest book Strategy was published on 31 July 2017 by Bloodhound Books. Here is what it’s about…

How much can one family take? 

Jenny Carbrook murdered three people to make it look as though there was a serial killer at work in Lincoln, when the only person she wanted to kill was Ray Carbrook, her father-in-law, who had raped her the week before her marriage to Mark, Ray’s son.

Jenny wrote letters detailing her crimes in order to protect everyone she loved, but was forced to go into hiding before retrieving the evidence against her.  Not only did she leave the letters behind but also her young daughter, Grace.

Now Jenny has a plan, a strategy, to get the letters back. But it’s not only the letters that Jenny has in her sights…

About Anita Waller

My name is Anita Waller, and I was born in Sheffield, UK, way back in 1946. I have been married for just over fifty years to Dave, and we have produced three amazing children, all now grown up and flown.
I have always written and my first published book, Beautiful, was taken on by Bloodhound Books and launched in August, 2015. It soon became apparent that I needed to write a sequel, and so Angel was launched in May, 2016. I had already started writing 34 Days immediately after Beautiful, but put it to one side until I completed Angel. I then resurrected it, and 34 Days launched in October 2016. This was a massive seller, particularly in the United States. In the UK it reached 26 in the top 100 paid charts.
By this time, I was already re-writing a lost manuscript I wrote back in 1990 or thereabouts, so I completed Winterscroft and Bloodhound launched it in February 2017. Number five is now about to be launched, and it is the much-requested sequel to 34 Days, called Strategy. This will be released on 10 August 2017. It has been an amazing two years with the publication of five books.
I have now started my sixth book, as yet unnamed, and still in the psychological thriller genre.
I write about murder, necessary murder.


Twitter: @anitamayw

Facebook: @anitawaller2015



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